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Are you a convert or newly, mindfully practicing born Muslimah struggling to keep your Faith in times of trouble?

Are you regularly exhausted defending your faith to others?

Are you feeling lonely? Disconnected from the community?

Are you struggling to stay religious because of the split personality of your pre-Muslim life and post-Muslim life? 

Are you in need of being reminded of the original strength of conviction you had when you took Shahada? 

Do you want to discover ways to:

=> Give yourself the boost in your Imaan and ability to excel in your Islam, so that you can feel confident, happy and secure in your new life worshipping Allah (swt)

=> Gain the knowledge and skills you need to confidently embrace your Muslim identity in all areas of your life.

=> Feel closer to Allah (swt), have faith that He is your provider and protector so you can courageously face any struggles or adversity with sabr and taqwa


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Inhale the future, Exhale the past

Inhale the future, Exhale the past