Zahra is such a warm person, lovely lady, honest caring & kind
— Suad Omar

Marvelous Muslimahs


Love your work! Many Muslimahs will benefit from your healing services inshaallah!

— Suraya Sara

Zahra's life journey has been truly inspirational. She has done what only few could have- to get up only stronger after the difficulties and to turn it into something that made her the beautiful person she is today. I am hopeful insha Allah that Allah SWT will enable her to help others stand up also and give them hope when they need it.

- Momina Naveed

Zahra is a strong, thoughtful and deeply compassionate woman who truly gives of herself in working to make a positive contribution in the lives of others and in this world we live in.

— Alitia Michel 

There is no one more compassionate than Zahra, I should know, she's my mum. Throughout my entire life my Mother has worked tirelessly to foster a supportive, loving environment for me. Through grief and trauma she shielded me, held me and provided me with everything, always putting me first. There is no one in the world I could thank more than my mother, no one who deserves more thanks. 


Zahra is such a warm person, lovely lady, honest caring & kind

— Suad Omar

Amazing service, run by an even amazing, caring and spiritual person

— Souad Saboune

I have known Zahra for about 6 years now. She has a lot of life experience under her belt, both spiritual and physical/circumstantial. She is a strong woman with a solid counselling background and interest in helping women to empower themselves and live/own up to their lives. She has a lot to give- and is friendly and usually upfront and passionate about her view, suitable for action oriented, solution focussed, and open minded people. As a friend I always seem to learn something from Zahra whenever I meet her, she is very serious about self and spiritual development.

— Essra Fekih



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